The Marcus Family — a solid track record in business, devoted to family and committed to community — is a classic American success story. Ben Marcus, a Polish immigrant, started from scratch and built a portfolio of business that have led in every field for the past 70 years.   The Marcus Family of Businesses has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for growth and reinvention over many decades.

Ben Marcus financed his first movie theater in the mid-1930s in Ripon, WI. He spent the next 35 years building a portfolio of separately owned business that included hotels, movie theaters, and restaurants. In the mid-1970's the businesses were recapitalized through an IPO of what today is known as the Marcus Corporation.

The Marcus Corporation has been led since its inception by Ben and his son Steve, serving as the primary investment vehicle for the Marcus family. Today, Marcus Investments LLC offers a new opportunity for the family and their partners to build businesses with the same business savvy and quiet persistence that has been the family's hallmark.

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